DynamOS, a dynamic real-time operating system

Last update:
15. Jun 2004.

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What is it?

DynamOS is a dynamic real-time operating system based on a DOS platform. It uses a dynamic scheduler (Earliest Deadline First) and has the ability to handle tasks with multiple Quality of Service levels. The scheduler chooses between different task operation modes based on the current system load. Thus the system can supply results even in an overload situation.
It is not an interactive system, the applications need to be linked together with the kernel.

Key features

  • Dynamic EDF scheduler
  • Handling of different task operation modes (QoS)
  • Task control functions
  • Intertask communications (Semaphore, Queue, Status information)
  • UART support
  • Supports external monitoring

What are the requirements?

You need at least a 386 PC with some kind of DOS running on it. This can be MS-DOS, the DOS box of a Windows version (95/98/Me/2000/XP) or Linux DOSEMU. You also need the DJGPP environment for compiling the system.

How safe is it?

DynamOS was built as an experimental system and it still needs a large amount of testing and development.


DynamOS is free software, released under GPL.